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A counselor, educator, media personality, and public speaker, Dr. Karla Ivankovich inspires people around the world to find their passion by connecting personal accountability with empowerment outcomes.  Dr. Ivankovich’s passion and expertise have made her a highly sought-after voice, locally and on a national stage.  As such, Dr. Karla has published research and presented findings at national conferences and is often called upon to provide expert opinion to national media sources and organizations such as, The Atlantic, Aljazeera Television, Britt&Co, Chicago Tribune, Dr. Oz – the Good Life, Elle Magazine, Fitbit, Glamour, Huffington Post, Men’s Health Magazine, New Parent, Psychology Today, The Science of Relationships, Self Magazine, Springfield’s Own Magazine, Teen Vogue, Women’s Day, and Yahoo.


Live from the Xfinity studios of iHeart radio at WVON in Chicago, IL, Dr. Karla and Dr. Daniel Ivankovich host Life and Love, a weekly talk show.  In a chaotic world, an amazing relationship can carry you through the best & worst of times. Together, this dynamic duo guides you through the reality of relationships with hilarity, humor and hope…all in the name of love.

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(217) 341-3935

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